Welcome to WonderWorks Productions!

WonderWorks -- the media-making division of Vergant, Inc. -- is the culmination of a lifetime of experiences and aspirations.

On the day my Dad turned 50, he turned to me and told me that he had had a dream:

In it, I had created and was running a company called WonderWorks.

I asked him what WonderWorks did.

He explained that WonderWorks incorporated everything I'd ever done and cared about -- music, film, television, magazines, poetry, sensory experiences, science experiments, food and farming, truth and justice, the courage to cross lines, a love of lifelong learning -- AND that it combined and expanded these things in all the ways we could imagine...and in ways we could not yet imagine.

Truth be told, this was my Dad talking at a time when I was relatively young and little rebellious. So I thanked him for his dream, reminded him not to keep asking about mine, and continued on with the full-family birthday celebration.

But WonderWorks struck deep chords from the first -- including films I'd made, books I'd written and sensory and scientific explorations I'd undertaken even BEFORE I had words to express them.

It is remarkable to me that, almost 20 years later, when I turned 50 and remembered my father's dream, WonderWorks, was waiting...and that it offered a unifying force and powerful engine for my most heartfelt media projects.

Here's what WonderWorks has in the works right now:

Lucky Breaks -- Life Cast in a New Light: A multi-platform brand...online, in print and through real-world gatherings...that helps each of us turnaround even the most trying times and circumstances through learning, laughter, creativity and contribution.

UnderWoman: A real character (not a superhero or an antihero) whose unique abilities and "disabilities" amplify the humor she sees in everything and the hero she brings out in everyone. Among her "medicines," UnderWoman employs super-honed senses -- including senses of wonder, play, place, responsibility and resolve -- to solve mysteries, address issues, fight injustices and implement solutions that amaze, amuse, delight, inspire.

MISERY LOVES COMPANY: Together, UnderWoman and WonderWorks are launching MISERY LOVES COMPANY -- a website, webisode and TV show dedicated to shining light on and making light of life's most pressing issues. Through education, celebration, a little complaining and a lot of humor, MISERY LOVES COMPANY invites everyone to learn, create, contribute and ACT!

The Power of Wow: An exciting new program from The Producers' Project that has high school students and teachers exploring the powers, processes and plasticity of their own minds...and sharing the results in a vibrant 25-minute documentary and accompanying web presence that will premiere this Spring.

Stand By Your Math -- a WonderWorks co-production with The Producers' Project -- is an interactive music video in which students, teachers, families, schools, groups, scientists, mathematicians and researchers from around the world will educate about and celebrate their favorite math equations, calculations and applications. It is anticipated that Stand By Your Math! will be filmed in a variety of NYC and DC venues and will enjoy boot camps in each area starting in Autumn 2013 and continuing on from there.

Auntie Bodies -- a WonderWorks feature film currently being workshopped with the Tribeca Film Institue -- follows an all-girls band of close friends who are nonetheless fierce competitors when it comes to their quest to win the Flat Stanley Project First Place Prize -- a published book...or series of them. Initially intent on outdoing each other, the Auntie Bodies ultimately cooperate...with astounding results.

From Small to ALL -- a WonderWorks feature film, currently in early development -- is proof positive of how our earliest and most cherished beliefs can be nurtured...and can nurture us...all of our lives. In an interactive science non-fiction adventure that pays homage to The Wizard of Oz, From Small to ALL's audience is invited on an epic journey that proves, again and again and in the face of incredible odds, that we were always wise, always brave, always caring, always home.

All That You Want to Be You Already Are: The first in a series of WonderWorks books for children of all ages, All That You Want to Be elucidates how the seeds of what we will someday become have been built into us all along. Drawing from simple but inspiring examples of nature (i.e. chicken and egg, flowers and fruit) and human nature (including interviews with ordinary and extraordinary people who are making good on their promise) All That You Want to Be also serves as a guide to recognizing who we are, what we want, and for bringing our attributes and aspirations to fruition.

"little i" to the "nth degree": A music video based on an original rap song about the beauty, elegance and importance of math. Featuring "little i" (the imaginary unit), Pi and a host of other variables and constants, "little i" to the "nth degree" stars individuals and groups of all ages and from all walks of life who are willing to write their equations in the sand and defend them to the stars.

So there you have WonderWorks' opening slate...and your invitation to participate!

From WonderWorks...with Love,

Wendy Dubit


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